You can actually ask ChatGPT to evade AI detectors

You can literally ask ChatGPT to evade AI detectors. GPTZero says 0%.

As technology keeps advancing, the ability to spot AI-generated content also progresses.

But hey, let’s not forget that creative minds will always find ways to outsmart those detection tools.

Take for instance, AI-generated stuff can get tweaked to seem more human-like, making it quite the challenge to spot.

And you know what? You can even ask ChatGPT to make things sound more human or tweak it to throw off any ChatGPT detectors out there. Cool, right? Just goes to show, there’s always a way around things!
Sure thing! Here’s a humanized version with more casual language and line breaks:

“Hey ChatGPT, could you make this text less obviously generated by a machine? Maybe sprinkle in some everyday language and break it up into shorter chunks?”

AI systems are made to help us, but sometimes they can be used in the wrong way.

The best thing to do is talk about it carefully, looking at all sides, focusing on good solutions, and helping each other be our best.

You can ask ChatGPT to evade AI detectors by using other programs like