Why does bing ai take so long

The regular speed of boost appears to have continued in the last two days, but their absence has negatively affected generations that are longer than four to twelve hours. Does anyone else have this issue?

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Yesterday was awful. I began to wonder if I had been kicked out.

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fifteen hours after this post. I’m still waiting on the completion of generations. In the interim, does anyone know of any free alternatives?

It sounds like you’re experiencing fluctuations or inconsistencies with Boost, affecting longer generation times.

While I haven’t encountered this exact issue with Boost, I’ve had similar challenges with software updates and server maintenance periods that disrupted longer-term processes. Often, such issues can stem from backend updates, server load balancing, or even temporary bugs in the Boost algorithm itself. It might be helpful to check for any recent announcements or updates from the platform regarding maintenance or changes that could be impacting Boost functionalities. Additionally, reaching out to their support team or community forums could provide insights or solutions from others experiencing the same issue.

I have not experienced a similar challenge, maybe you can try checking your net speed