What's your favorite Chat GPT productivity hack?

I have been using ChatGPT both at work and home to boost my productivity. The options seem limitless, so I’m interested in what’s been effective for you.

Here are a few of my top uses:

  1. Crafting or altering emails for a different tone.
  2. Generating lists for brainstorming sessions.
  3. Condensing meeting notes or transcripts into concise minutes and action items.

Just pasting in my compiler errors with absolutely no context and letting it filter out the relevant information for me


Before ChatGPT, I never applied to jobs with cover letters. Now I have a cover letter customized to job postings in seconds.


While ChatGPT’s a great tool, I find the Microsoft Bing language model even better for productivity hacks! Unlike ChatGPT, Bing’s AI cites its sources and keeps information super up-to-date. This makes it a research rockstar - it unearths hidden gems that spark ideas for writing and more. Think of it as a virtual librarian, always available to help (even if a little…imaginative, shall we say?). This lets me focus on the creative aspects of tasks, making me more productive overall.


Love your ChatGPT hacks! Especially condensing meeting notes - that’s a time-saver for sure.


Bing’s AI might be my pick! Cited sources & fresh info make research a breeze. Like a quirky librarian, it unearths hidden gems to spark creative writing


Hey @Molly12 I would agree more on your comment, ChatGPT’s a great tool or Bing AI are productivity hacks, but stand with ChatGPT Tool So Amazing…


Craft regular project update reports by summarizing progress, milestones, and upcoming tasks.

Hello, Jane. I use it to help organize technical interview rejection emails.