What does Copilot's (Bing chat/AI) future hold?

This AI is becoming incredibly awful. It would locate stuff faster than the traditional search engines, therefore I used to use it only for searches. However, it appears that they are purposefully misinterpreting what I want. I used to work really well because I am quite particular. Even after I clarify it afterwards, it still only picks up on certain parts of what I say and ignores the rest. Additionally, when in creative mode, it is incredibly imaginative to the point of making stuff up.

For the sole purpose of drowning, it in the bathtub, I hope Microsoft makes it an android.

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It’s been painful to witness the downfall of AIs. For those who had the opportunity to experiment with this stuff this time last year, or possibly even earlier, it was still the wild west, which was awesome. Lawyers and regulators have transformed this potentially revolutionary technology into something boring, safe, and useless.