The Bing AI Chat feature is incredible

To find relevant information, I used ChatGPT, but it often provided bad URL links (404 errors). Despite informing ChatGPT about the inactive links and waiting eight days before asking the same question again, it still gave me the same inactive URLs. I then discovered Bing AI Chat. When I asked Bing AI Chat the same question, it provided relevant URL links and was very helpful. Today, I used Bing AI Chat for information on a different topic I had struggled with in the past. I appreciate that Bing AI Chat introduces concepts and provides further information and specific examples when asked. This tool will save me many hours since I no longer have to rely on sifting through forums, Quora, Wikipedia, YouTube videos, Stack Overflow, etc., where responses are often unrelated, incorrect, or condescending.

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ChatGPT does not have access to the Internet, hence it cannot provide reliable sources. They have or are introducing that feature, along with plugins. Bing Chat has Internet connectivity and, if enabled, can read anything on the webpage you’re currently viewing.

Be careful! Bing Chat, like ChatGPT, will make up stories and claim sources say things they did not say. Before taking it at face value, double-check the sources provided. For example, Bing Chat informed me that I have a YouTube channel with ten million subscribers and two billion video views. I don’t, unfortunately.