Is Bing chat just ChatGPT 4 but for free?

I haven’t used Bing much, but as I understand it, Bing uses GPT4 and can generate images with DALLE-3, and has access to the internet obviously. All of these things are also true for the paid version of ChatGPT. Except it’s free. Or is there some other difference?


While both Bing and ChatGPT’s paid version leverage advanced AI technologies like GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 for image generation, ChatGPT offers these capabilities for free. The primary difference lies in accessibility and cost – ChatGPT’s paid version provides similar functionalities without the need for payment.

Bing Chat utilizes the capabilities of GPT-4 and provides complimentary access to its features, prioritizing search and information retrieval. It’s seamlessly integrated into various Microsoft products but has limitations on session usage.