Is Bing AI capable of reading PDF files?

Hey guys, quick question: have any of you ever tried using Bing AI? I’m wondering if it’s able to read PDF files.

Any insights on that?

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Hey there! Bing AI, now known as Microsoft Copilot, has some neat tricks up its sleeve. It can indeed read and summarize PDF files, which is super handy. You just need to use it through the Edge sidebar, and it’ll help you digest those documents in a snap. Whether it’s a local file or an online one, just ask it to summarize, and voila! You get the gist without the hassle. It’s like having a personal assistant who’s always ready to tackle the paperwork for you.

Bing AI cannot read or interact with PDF files directly. It processes text-based queries and information.

No, it cannot read or interact with Bing @Dolph

Bing AI can index PDF files for search purposes but doesn’t “read” their content like a human. It analyzes text, metadata, and structure to provide relevant search results.

Yeah, I’ve tried Bing AI, and it’s okay for reading PDFs. It can handle them, but it might not get everything perfectly right. If you need to pull some text from a PDF, it should do the job well enough for most stuff. Just don’t expect it to be flawless, especially with fancy formatting. So, give it a shot, but be ready to do a little tweaking if needed!