How to use older versions of ChatGPT

ChatGPT keeps evolving and yes I really like the latest model 4.o since it is most capable and even more powerful.
I am curious if there’s a way to explore how it functioned in earlier stages. Are there any archived versions available?


I appreciate ChatGPT 4.0’s new design! Are you curious in the earlier version’s operation (3.5)? No public access to earlier iterations—OpenAI maintains them confidential for research and development, concentrating on the newest and best.

Here are some options for you:

Examine OpenAI research papers to gain knowledge about previous advancements.
Keep up with future developments by subscribing to OpenAI announcements.

For ChatGPT versions, there is no time travel, but these alternatives can still satisfy your curiosity!

I think gpt 3.5 is still available but for the versions before that I do not think there is a way of accessing them

I am new to using ChatGPT, so I can’t really speak about the older versions since I have zero knowledge about them, unfortunately.

Who even uses ChatGpt, there are better AI Chat bots like Gemini.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a public way to play around with earlier versions of ChatGPT, like version 4.0. These models are pretty complex and require a lot of computing power to run, so it’s not like you can just download an old version and mess around with it on your home computer.