How to use Bing AI on Mac?

Hey there, Can anyone share insights or tips on effectively utilizing Bing AI functionalities on a Mac platform? What are some specific applications or tools that can maximize its capabilities for productivity or research purposes?

Hey there! While Bing definitely has some cool AI features, utilizing them directly on a Mac can be tricky. Here’s why:

  • Limited Mac Integration: Most of Bing’s AI functionalities are built into Microsoft products like Edge browser and Office suite, which aren’t as optimized for Mac as they are for Windows.
  • Focus on Search: Bing’s AI strength lies in search enhancements, but Mac users already have a great search engine in Safari.

However, there are still ways to leverage Bing’s AI for research on your Mac:

  • Bing Web Search: Bing itself is still a powerful search engine, even on Mac. They offer features like image and video search with AI-powered insights, which can be helpful for research.
  • Bing Visual Search: Upload an image you find on your Mac and use Bing’s image search to find similar items or get more information.
  • General Research Assistant: While not a direct Mac app, you can use Bing as a general research assistant. Frame your research questions and see what Bing surfaces – it might point you towards helpful resources or interesting angles you hadn’t considered.

Here’s the bottom line:

For Mac users, Bing’s AI functionalities won’t be as seamlessly integrated as on Windows machines. However, you can still leverage Bing’s search capabilities and use it as a supplementary research tool.

Alternatives for Mac:

If you’re looking for AI-powered research assistance on your Mac, consider these options:

  • Mac’s built-in Spotlight search: Spotlight can search your Mac for files and information, and it’s getting smarter with each update.
  • AI-powered research tools: There are a growing number of AI-powered research tools available online, many of which are platform-agnostic and work well on Macs.

Remember, the best approach might be to utilize a combination of Bing search, Mac’s built-in tools, and other AI-powered research assistants to maximize your research efficiency.

Here’s how to use Bing Chat on Mac:

  1. Choose a conversation style: At the bottom of the screen, select from three conversation styles. Creative is casual with emojis, Precise is formal without emojis, and Balanced is a mix of both.
  2. New topic: Click this button to clear the current conversation and start anew.
  3. Recent activity: In the upper-right corner, view your previous Bing Chat conversations. Hover over one and select the trash can icon to delete it.
  4. Feedback: Offer feedback to Microsoft by selecting this option in the lower-right corner.
  5. Add an image: Click the small square icon in the lower-left of the text field to upload an image and ask Bing Chat questions about it.
  6. Use microphone: Select the microphone icon in the lower-right corner to speak directly to Bing AI using your Mac’s mic or headset.
  7. Ask me anything: Type your question or request in the text field, click the Submit icon, or press Enter. Bing AI should respond immediately.

Feel free to ask anything from a simple query to a complex request like generating an image or writing a story.

This is a simple guide that provides a simple walkthrough on how to use Bing AI on a Mac.

Step 1
Open your preferred browser and navigate to Log in to your account to get started.

Step 2
Locate and click on the Bing Chat icon next to the search bar. Alternatively, you can directly access the Bing Chat feature by going to

Step 3
You are now set to interact with the AI-powered Bing Chat on your Mac. Enjoy your experience!