How to make Bing AI generate specific character

Hey guys,
How can I instruct Bing AI to generate a particular character?

There is a new GPT called Consistent Character you should try. It just came out on the GPT store! It will instruct you super easy. Consistent Character

Also, you could try providing Bing AI with a detailed description of the character you have in mind. Start by describing their appearance, personality traits, background, and any other relevant details. Be as specific as possible to guide the AI in generating a character that matches your vision. Additionally, you might want to consider giving the AI some context or a scenario in which the character will be placed, as this can help shape the character’s traits and actions. Remember to provide feedback and refine your instructions if the initial results don’t meet your expectations.

To create a particular character, offer a thorough depiction and unique style within your input to direct the AI effectively.