How to Fix "You Can't Submit Any More Prompts" for Bing Image Creator

Hi guys can anyone help me fix this “You Can’t Submit Any More Prompts” for Bing Image Creator message

Have been also experiencing the same issue multiple times. Anyone who knows how to fix the error can help us.


Am sorry that you are also experiencing the same problem as @AIInsightsHub,
Lemme try to help both of you; The error may be because of various problems such as poor internet connection, account restrictions, or even the server side of Microsoft.
You may have also exceeded your search limit.

To fix the error, first, make sure that your internet speed is good for better performance.
Secondly, you can clear your browsing data because cached data, cookies, and search history can sometimes cause issues with internet browsing.
Also, sign out and then sign in to reset your browsing session.
Finally, you can check your account status if it has some restrictions from Microsoft.

If the issue persists, you can contact Microsoft customer care for help.
You can also wait for sometime before you try again incase the servers have problems

If Bing Image Creator says “You Can’t Submit Any More Prompts,” do this:

  • Fix your internet to be stable and quick.
  • Clear Bing’s saved data.
  • Make sure your account is okay to use.
  • Wait a bit then try again.
  • Ask Customer Support for help.

If Bing Image Creator says “You Can’t Submit Any More Prompts,” try these steps. Ensure your internet is stable and fast. Clear your browser’s Bing cache. Check for any account restrictions. If still stuck, wait a bit and try again. If issues continue, contact Bing’s customer support for assistance.

To fix “Can’t Submit Prompts” in Bing Image Creator: Check internet, clear cache, check account, wait and retry, or contact support if needed.

To fix the “You Can’t Submit Any More Prompts” error in Bing Image Creator,

You should be connected to the internet, clear your browser cache, ensure no account restrictions, follow content policies, try a different browser, or wait and try later.

If it doesn’t work please contact the support for assistance.