How to delete bing ai images

Hello AI Community,

I’ve been using Bing Image Creator and have already created some pictures. However, I’m facing an issue where I can’t seem to delete old creations at all.

I’ve tried suggestions like deleting my Bing search history but without any success.

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Frustrated! Can’t delete old Bing Image Creator creations. Tried deleting search history, but nada. Others online have same issue. Wish Bing would let us manage our creations! #BingImageCreator #AIArt

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Currently there isn’t a way to directly delete individual images you created with Bing AI. Two options exist depending on your desired outcome:

Delete your entire Bing search history or Keep the images and clear your search history.

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Sometimes, stored data in your browser’s cache or cookies can interfere with the functionality of web applications like Bing Image Creator. Try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies And thank me later.