How many times can I use Bing AI?

Hey guys,
Does Bing AI have a maximum amount of data it can read from a webpage at once?

Microsoft limits Bing AI chats to keep things smooth for everyone. As of June 2023, they allow you to have 300 conversations per day. That’s a lot of chatting!

There’s also a limit per session, which means you can’t just chat endlessly in one go. Currently, it’s set at 30 chats. So if you hit that number, you might need to come back a little later to pick up the conversation.

Remember, this information might change, so it’s always a good idea to check Bing directly for the latest updates on their chat limits.

It makes sense that Microsoft would limit the number of conversations to ensure their AI chats remain efficient and responsive. 300 conversations per day is quite generous, and having a limit per session helps manage expectations.

Thanks for sharing this information; it’s good to know the boundaries when engaging with Bing AI