How many questions can the Bing AI answer?

How many questions can the Bing AI answer?

Hey. It depends. I use the Bing Image creator, and they give me 15 tokens. Each question can spend up to 1 token, so I can only generate 15 photos before I finally hit my limit.

As of the most recent update, Bing AI has the capability to respond to 50 inquiries daily and 15 queries per session1,2.

I think you could be wrong. The Bing Image Creator tokens are a whole different thing.
The Bing are called “boosts”. These boosts help create images faster, and when you run out of the 15 boosts, you will still be able to create, but it will take a bit more time to generate images. However, this applies to personal accounts only.
If you are using a school or work account, then your explanation will suffice.

thanks for the explanation, I was wondering why my account could go on and generate more images after I depleted my boosts, yet my colleague depleted her boosts and could barely get any image creation going on.
I’ll just advice her to create a personal account

Thanks for clarifying! That’s helpful to know about Bing Image Creator’s token system