How do get more boosts with bing ai?

Hey, have you tried using those Boosts on Image Creator? I read on their site that you can get more by using Microsoft Rewards points, but when I checked the Redeem page, I couldn’t find anything about it.

Have you or anyone you know redeemed for Boosts before?

If yes, where did you find the info on how to do it?


Oh, got it! So, apparently, to get more Boosts, you’ve gotta use Bing. Weirdly enough, mine might be glitched 'cause I seem to have an endless supply.


Oh yeah, I’ve seen that too! The site and even Bing’s AI Chat keep mentioning this Redeem page, but honestly, I’ve never found any option to grab more boosts there.

When you’re running low, just hit up some Bing searches or daily quests, and boom, your boosts reset back to 100.


Oh, how did you manage that?

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Seriously, isn’t there any way to just pay for these boosts?
I mean, I’m actually trying to find a way to throw some real money at it.

Oh, gotcha! So, here’s the deal: you only see that option when you hit rock bottom, like down to zero.

Then, just click on that little zero boosts icon, and a tiny window pops up offering you the chance to snag 5 boosts for 500 points.

To get more boosts in Bing AI:

  1. Earn Microsoft Rewards by doing activities on Bing. Use these rewards for more boosts.
  2. Do daily tasks given by Microsoft to get boosts.
  3. Read and engage with the top stories on Microsoft’s websites for boosts.
  4. Request images using Bing Chat or go to Image Creator from Microsoft Designer for possible boosts.

At first, you get 25 boosts, now it’s up to 100. After using these, creating images takes longer

Yes, Microsoft Rewards points can indeed be used for faster Bing Image Creator generation. Microsoft has mentioned that rewards members can use points to boost the speed of image creation. However, the option to redeem these boosts might not always be visible on the Redeem page, possibly due to account or regional differences. It’s advisable to regularly check the Microsoft Rewards page for any updates or specific redemption instructions for these boosts.

I haven’t redeemed Microsoft Rewards points for Image Creator Boosts myself. When I searched the Redeem page, I didn’t see Boosts as an option either.

The info on their site may be outdated.

Best to contact Image Creator support for an update on rewards point redemption.

Without confirmation from the source, I wouldn’t trust claims not backed up in the redemption portal itself.

To get more boosts with Bing AI, engage with the platform regularly, provide feedback, and use features like Bing Rewards or Bing Ads to earn rewards and incentives

Oh yeah, I’ve noticed that too! Both the website and Bing’s AI Chat keep talking about this Redeem page, but to be honest, I’ve never actually seen an option to collect more boosts there.

Whenever you’re low, simply engage in a few Bing searches or complete daily quests, and just like that, your boosts are replenished to 100.

@Unclewaffl3s I wouldn’t recommend you to pay for engagement boosts on social media platforms for several reasons:

  1. Buying followers or likes is often against platform policies and can harm your profile’s credibility.
  2. Engagement services might use bots, which don’t represent a genuine interest in your content and can be counterproductive.
  3. You typically can’t directly pay platforms for engagement; their algorithms favor content that organically attracts interactions.

Instead, consider these strategies for authentic engagement:

  • Regularly post high-quality, relevant content that naturally interests your audience.
  • Collaborate with influencers or industry-specific publications that have engaged audiences.
  • Host contests or giveaways to encourage genuine interactions.
  • Use advertising or promoted posts to increase your content’s visibility.

Focusing on authentic engagement through valuable content is more beneficial in the long term.

Thank you for providing that helpful context and clarification. You raise a good point that it’s best not to trust claims that can’t be verified directly with the source. Outdated information can inadvertently mislead users. I appreciate you taking the time to help ensure we have accurate details. You’re right that contacting Image Creator support directly for an official update would be the most constructive next step here. Transparency from the source is important.

@QuantumQuinn Great advice! Authentic engagement is key. Focusing on high-quality content and real interactions will always outperform artificial boosts. #SocialMediaTips