How can I preserve a Bing AI chat?

Hey guys, I’ve been using Bing Chat lately and I really wish there was a way to save my conversations like you can with ChatGPT. I checked with Bing Chat and it mentioned something about a ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the chat interface, but I can’t seem to find it, even after updating to the latest version of Bing.

Do any of you know if there’s actually a feature to save chat histories right now? And if not, do you think they might add this feature in the future?

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Hey there! I’ve been using Bing Chat too, and I totally get what you mean about wanting to save conversations. It’s super handy, right? But weirdly enough, I’ve never seen a ‘Save’ button either. Maybe it’s a glitch or something? Have you tried reaching out to Bing’s support team? They might have some insights on this or even plans to add the feature in the future.

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Hey, thanks for chiming in! Yeah, it’s definitely weird that we can’t seem to find that ‘Save’ button, right? I haven’t reached out to Bing’s support team yet, but that’s a good suggestion. I’ll shoot them a message and see if they have any updates on this or if it’s something they’re planning to fix. Appreciate the advice!

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To preserve a Bing AI chat, you can take a screenshot or copy and paste the conversation into a document for safekeeping. However, please note that sharing personal data or sensitive information during the chat may have privacy implications. Always ensure you’re sharing information responsibly.

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Also You can also use a chatbot platform that offers chat history saving features.

Sure thing, I get where you’re coming from. It’s wise to contact Bing’s support team for the latest info. They can fill you in on any upcoming fixes or updates for the ‘Save’ button. Let us know what you discover!

Absolutely, that’s a good way to preserve Bing AI chats. Always protect privacy when sharing info.

I understand your desire to save Bing AI chat conversations. It would indeed be a useful feature. If it’s not immediately visible, it might be a good idea to reach out to Bing’s support team. They could provide more information on any plans to add this feature, or if there’s a workaround available.

Good suggestion! Contact Bing support for chat-saving updates.