How can I increase my Bing AI boosts?

Hey everyone, I’ve been wondering about something lately. You know those Bing AI boosts we get? Well, I’m curious about how we can get more of them. I mean, they’re super helpful, right? So, I was thinking, maybe some of you have some tips or tricks on how to rack up more of those boosts?

Any ideas or strategies you’ve found that work well? Let’s chat about it!

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Bing AI boosts can indeed be super helpful! To get more, consider these strategies: frequently use Bing for searches, complete daily quizzes and challenges, participate in promotional events, and ensure your Microsoft Rewards account is linked. Engaging with Bing’s features, such as image and video searches, can also earn you boosts. Staying active and taking advantage of all available opportunities should help you accumulate more boosts efficiently.

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Do you want to make lots of AI images without any limits? you can use Bing Image Creator. It’s powered by DALL-E, an AI system. When you start using it, you’ll have 25 boosts each week to speed up the process. Once you’ve used up all your boosts for the week, the tool will still work, but it’ll be slower.

Also, If you want more boosts before the next week, you can use your Microsoft Rewards Points. You earn these points by doing things like searching on Bing, taking quizzes, learning about Microsoft stuff, or buying things. Buying stuff gives you the most points. You want to keep making AI images, use your boosts wisely and think about using your Microsoft Rewards Points too!