Does Bing AI utilize GPT-4?

Hey guys, I’ve been wondering about something. You know how Bing’s AI is getting smarter and all, right? Well, do you think it’s using the latest and greatest language model, like GPT-4? Like, I’m curious if they’ve upgraded to that level of tech yet.


Yeah, totally! We’re definitely in the midst of some major advancements in AI. I think we can expect to see a lot more exciting stuff coming our way in the field for a few more years before things start to level out a bit.


Hmm, I see where you’re coming from, but I have a slightly different take on it. I think the development of AI is actually going to accelerate itself.

With each new breakthrough, we’ll have the tools to create even more advanced AI models, kind of like a snowball effect.

Plus, as AI gets smarter, it could even start handling tasks like data cleaning and model optimization all on its own, which would really speed up the whole process.


Ah, I get it now. So, OpenAI’s CEO mentioned that “regular folks might not be as blown away by GPT-4.” It kind of feels like we had this big AI revolution, and now things are settling into more of an evolutionary phase, you know?

It’s like, even though it took a couple of years to roll out, the new version only shows a small improvement for users. It’s definitely intriguing to see how it’s all unfolding.


Bing’s AI still runs on older models, maybe like GPT-3, not the fancy GPT-4. But hey, upgrades might happen! :rocket: Keep an eye out for news from Microsoft to stay in the loop. Any other questions? :blush:

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I see your point! I agree, AI’s advancement is speeding up. :rocket: With each breakthrough, we can create even better models, like a snowball effect.

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Time will tell @DolphGabbana Just keep on checking for the upgrade

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Bing AI … relies on earlier models like GPT-3.

However, upgrades could be on the horizon! :pray:Keep an eye out for announcements from Microsoft

Got it! In the post, there’s no mention of OpenAI’s CEO commenting on people’s reaction to GPT-4, nor the comparison between the AI revolution and its current evolutionary phase. It’s an interesting perspective on the situation!

Absolutely! Bing’s AI hasn’t integrated GPT-4 yet, likely sticking with older models like GPT-3.

AI accelerating its own progress is a fascinating idea. AI for data cleaning and optimization could be a game-changer. However, aligning these powerful tools with human goals remains a challenge.

The idea of AI driving its own progress is thrilling, promising remarkable advancements and efficiencies. However, it raises concerns about control and oversight. Balancing AI’s potential with ethical considerations requires careful navigation to ensure responsible development.

All you need to know now is to Keep an eye out for updates from Microsoft to stay informed, because as of 2023 updates is stilling using the old model…