Does Bing AI have internet access?

Does the Bing AI system utilize direct internet access, or does it rely solely on pre-existing data sets and algorithms for its functionality?

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Hello @Jason! Bing AI can tap into the internet to some degree, pulling in live data from Bing’s search engine for current info. However, unlike humans, it can’t surf the web directly. It works from indexed pages and databases to offer up-to-date responses within its designed capabilities.

Bing AI can browse the internet and access real-time data from Bing’s search engine to provide up-to-date information. It merges a chatbot with web browsing capabilities, powered by an advanced large language model tailored for its tasks.

The Bing AI system leverages both direct internet access and pre-existing datasets and algorithms to power its functionality. While it harnesses the vast amount of data available on the internet to enhance its understanding and provide up-to-date information, it also relies on pre-existing datasets and algorithms for tasks like natural language processing, image recognition, and search ranking. This combination allows Bing AI to continuously learn and adapt to provide users with accurate and relevant results.