Can SafeAssign detect ChatGPT?

Hi everyone,
Can SafeAssign be able to detect ChatGPT?

No, SafeAssign cannot reliably detect content generated by ChatGPT yet. SafeAssign is primarily designed to detect instances of plagiarism by comparing a student’s text against a database of academic papers, websites, and other relevant resources.

However, it does not have the capability to specifically identify AI-generated text like that produced by ChatGPT.

There are concerns about AI-generated content potentially including copied material, but standard plagiarism detection tools like SafeAssign are not equipped to determine if a text was written by an AI.

OpenAI is working on its own AI classifier to detect AI-generated content, but as of now, SafeAssign cannot reliably detect ChatGPT-generated content.

Since SafeAssign compares given text to a sizable database of preexisting sources, it is unlikely that SafeAssign could identify text created by ChatGPT.