Can one use Bing AI images for commercial use?

Is it possible to use AI-generated images/ assets for commercial purposes in the US/EU?

While AI art is still a gray area, most experts agree that generated images alone can likely be used commercially, but using an AI service’s name or trademarks would require permission from the creator.

Original concepts are safest.

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If you own the rights… Yes, you can use Bing AI images for commercial use.

Using AI-generated images for commercial purposes in the US/EU hinges on the AI platform’s terms and local copyright laws. Always check the platform’s policies and ensure you’re following the law. Some images may be used freely; others might have restrictions or require a license. Consult the terms or legal advice for clarity.

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Yes or No… But you need to check the restrictions, because some of the Images generated by AI are restricted, and others are free. Just follow the laws


Utilizing images sourced from Bing for commercial purposes may necessitate compliance with particular usage terms, permissions, or acquisition of appropriate licenses from the copyright holders.

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Any images created with Bing Image Creator cannot be used for commercial activities… Period

When using Bing images for commercial purposes, it’s crucial to adhere to usage terms, obtain permissions, or acquire licenses from copyright holders. Respecting copyright regulations ensures legal and ethical use of the images in commercial contexts.

This response provides important guidance for using AI-generated images for commercial purposes. It emphasizes the significance of reviewing the AI platform’s terms and local copyright laws to ensure compliance. It also highlights the need to differentiate between freely usable images and those with restrictions or licensing requirements. Consulting the platform’s terms or seeking legal advice adds an extra layer of clarity when using AI-generated images commercially.

It’s essential to navigate AI art with caution, respecting both generated images’ commercial use and the rights of AI creators. Original concepts offer the safest path forward.