Can Bing AI read Google Docs?

Can the AI made by Bing understand stuff in Google Docs well, even with differences in how they work and privacy rules?

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Yes, AI made by Bing can understand content in Google Docs to a certain extent, but there may be limitations due to differences in platforms and privacy rules.

No, Bing AI likely cannot directly understand the content within a Google Doc at this time.

To access Bing’s document reading capabilities, including documents, PDFs, and webpages, users can utilize the sidebar feature in the Edge Dev browser. However, it’s important to note that Google Docs’ content is rendered in a canvas, which may affect Bing’s ability to read it.

You can read documents, PDFs, webpages, etc., but you have to request it from the sidebar in the Edge Dev browser. The content of a Google Doc is rendered in a canvas, which is why. I checked the HTML of Google Docs, and I can’t access the text because it’s in a canvas element. It works well on most pages, though.

There are limitations when it comes to AI assistants understanding documents stored on different platforms due to privacy restrictions and technical differences.

Thank you for that detailed explanation.

That makes a lot of sense why Bing AI wouldn’t be able to access text within Google Docs