Can bing ai images be used commercially

While looking at possibilities for commercial ventures, I came across Bing AI Images, which appear to be a good fit for my requirements. I’m not sure if utilizing these photos for commercial use is allowed, though. Is it possible to utilize Bing AI images for business purposes? Before using them in my projects, are there any conditions of use or license limitations that I should be aware of? I would be very grateful for any advice on this.

If you read Microsoft’s terms of use, then you will see that Microsoft does not claim ownership of Prompts, Creations, customizations, instructions, or any other content you provide, post, input, or submit to, or receive from them.

This means that you can use Bing AI images as a third party, and anything that you create can be used by Microsoft and other third parties too.

Concerning Bing Image Creator, it limits the use of generated images to personal, non-commercial purposes. In essence, any images created with Bing Image Creator cannot be used for commercial activities.

To be completely sure, it’s best to refer to the latest Microsoft Services Agreement and Bing Content Policy.

These documents outline the current terms of use for Bing AI Images, including any updates related to commercial use.

I doubt if this is really the true position of Bing Image creator. This answer might be misleading. Lets discuss