As someone in SEO and content, should I worry about ChatGPT?

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about ChatGPT and its impact on SEO and content lately. I’ve been in SEO and content strategy for over a decade, and I recently started experimenting with GPT. Before, I used to believe that AI could never replace what we do in SEO and content.

But after trying it out for tasks like writing title tags, meta descriptions, and even entire page copy, and seeing it explain SEO strategy principles to me it’s making me a bit nervous, haha!


No one in the SEO content industry will admit it openly, but realistically, you’re in trouble unless you’re the one leading the adoption of this technology.

Creating clickbait and SEO articles is the most straightforward application for GPT. It’s also an intensely competitive field with no established monopoly, making it easy for a new AI-driven competitor to emerge and take over.

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It’s impressive, but ChatGPT remains primarily a tool for handling routine tasks. It doesn’t assist with strategy, understanding search intent, analyzing analytics, enhancing user experience, or boosting conversion rates. Over time, users may learn to distinguish between AI-generated and human-written texts. Google’s recent update, Alto, was aimed at detecting AI-generated content and penalizing it. This could disrupt search results if everyone begins flooding Google with lengthy, SEO-optimized content pages.