Will AI replace us?

Hey folks, I understand this question has been asked a lot, but considering the emergence of new generative AI models for videos like Pika Labs, what are your thoughts on the future? While some argue it will create new job opportunities, my question is more fundamental: will the future of 3D be rendered or generated?

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AI replacing all humans entirely is a popular topic, but experts argue that AI is a collaborator rather than a complete replacement.


AI keeps getting better and more capable with time maybe one day humans might lose their jobs so sad :pensive:

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AI models can generate 3D content much faster than traditional rendering processes. This includes automating repetitive tasks, creating assets, and even generating entire scenes based on simple inputs.

AI models are unlikely to fully replace the human workforce in 3D content development. Instead, they will complement traditional rendering techniques to improve efficiency, speed and accessibility.

No, it’s just new automation, and it will replace some very simple jobs.

We’re far from having AI that can actually think, so if your job requires skills, you don’t need to worry. The AI we have now is just a fancy cover-up for basic tasks. It looks good and makes things easily, but it’s not very good quality.

I think it will create more jobs than it takes away. However, once robots start doing better work, many low-skilled jobs will disappear. For example, fast food and construction won’t be jobs in a few decades.

AI is a tool to assist with monotonous work, not to take the place of the distinct human element in narrative.

The depth of human emotion and creativity cannot be replicated by it, although editing and effects can be handled.

Concentrate on developing abilities that call for creativity, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. AI can simplify the technical parts, freeing up more time for you to create gripping narratives.

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Well put Steve! I completely agree. There is entirely no need to fear. Instead be happy that all the repetitive tasks will be handled by AI but arguing that it can replace the unique human touch and emotional intelligence is such a reach! :rofl: