What is the process for uploading a CSV file to ChatGPT?

Hey, does anyone know if it’s possible to upload a CSV file to ChatGPT for analysis? I’ve got a large data set I want to work with and can’t seem to find any clear answers online. Any ideas on how I can do this?


There’s an AI Formula Generator Extension for Sheets that you could use instead of ChatGPT.


If you can’t paste the data to a prompt, it’s going to be approaching too much information for the large language model to understand anyway, even if there was such a mechanism.

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If the data is sensitive, I would recommend against doing this.

ChatGPT Limitations:

  • Text-Based Input: ChatGPT is designed for text input and response, and cannot directly process raw data formats like CSV files.

Alternative Approaches:

  1. Pre-Process Data & Use Prompts:
  • Use Python (or similar): If you’re comfortable with Python, you can use libraries like Pandas to analyze your CSV data. Extract key metrics, summaries, or visualizations.
  • Use ChatGPT: After pre-processing, use ChatGPT to interpret the results or generate text summaries based on your analysis.
  1. Third-Party Data Analysis Tools:
  • Explore online data analysis tools that can handle CSV files. Many offer free versions with basic functionalities.
  • After obtaining results from these tools, use ChatGPT for specific text-based analysis or insights.
  1. Use Specialized Tools & Integrate with ChatGPT (Advanced):
  • Cloud-Based Solutions: Consider cloud-based data warehousing or business intelligence tools that can connect to ChatGPT’s API (if available). This advanced approach requires technical expertise.

Additional Considerations:

  • Data Security: Ensure any chosen tools or platforms have proper security measures in place if your data is sensitive.
  • ChatGPT’s Role: Remember, ChatGPT excels at text analysis and generation, not raw data processing. Use it strategically after preparing your data for meaningful text-based prompts.

Now for the easy part: uploading files to ChatGPT. As long as you have a paid subscription, launch ChatGPT, start a new chat, and click the plus symbol to the left of the text field to access your uploading choices. Starting on the far left, you can:

Allow ChatGPT access to your camera and capture a picture from within the app.
Upload a photo from the camera roll.
Upload files from the Files app.
Once you’ve uploaded a file (or files), input your prompt below and click Send. ChatGPT will analyze your file and respond to your inquiry.