What is the difference between Bing app and Edge app?

I understand that Bing is a search tool, and Edge is used for browsing the internet. It’s similar to how Google is a search tool and Chrome is a browsing tool. However, it seems like Bing is doing more than just searching, it’s also acting like a browser with features such as multiple tabs, being set as the default browser, and having bookmarks. I’m confused about the difference in their purposes. Can someone clarify this for me?

Why don’t you do deep research on this yourself?
must everything be done for you?..

Still searching for an answer to this question.

Bing is a search engine because, It’s designed to help users perform internet searches, on the other hand Edge app, on the other hand, is a web browser.

While it includes Bing as its default search engine, its main purpose is to allow users to browse the internet

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Microsoft Edge, a web browser, integrates Bing as its default search provider, offering tabs, bookmarks, and settings, while Bing provides search functionality within the browser environment, enhancing browsing and search experiences.

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