Removing Grey Background from ChatGPT

Hello everyone… I’m using ChatGPT and noticed it has a grey background. Is there a way to change or remove this background? Any tips on customizing ChatGPT’s appearance would be great! Thanks!

Try this,it worked for me good luck, to remove a grey background in ChatGPT or a similar application, you might need to adjust settings in the document editor or application interface. For Google Docs, you can remove a grey background by going to Format > Paragraph styles > Borders and shading and adjusting or removing the background color. If the grey background is elsewhere, check the specific settings or preferences for that application.

To make the ChatGPT interface’s gray backdrop disappear:

  1. Browser Extensions: Create a style with Stylus or Stylish:
    {{{css body} background-color: white!important;}
  2. Developer Tools: Locate the element and modify its CSS by opening with {F12}.
    Tampermonkey Script: `{{javascript // ==UserScript== // @name Remove Grey Background // @match ://
    (function() { let style = document.createElement(‘style’); style.innerHTML = {body { background-color: white!important; }}; document.head.appendChild(style);