Quillbot is No Longer Undetectable


I recently received a significantly lower grade on an assessment for using Quillbot. How did they find out? Although there was only a 2% match on the plagiarism checker, it turns out that schools are paying Quillbot to notify them if a student uses their service. There’s a high chance Quillbot is collaborating with your school, so it’s advisable to avoid using Quillbot for your assignments.

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Are you certain you didn’t hand in someone else’s work?

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I have used QuillBot before, but it gets identified by Turnitin or AI detectors:( However, I recently discovered Undetectable AI, and it is fantastic!

Using Quillbot for assignments poses risks due to its detection by plagiarism checkers and collaboration with schools. Avoid it to maintain academic integrity and prevent potential penalties for using unauthorized aids.