Looking ahead, do you think SEO has a positive future, or has ChatGPT complicated things for us?

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about the future of SEO lately. Do you think it’s looking positive, or has ChatGPT thrown a wrench into things for us? Personally, I lean towards a positive outlook because people still value having options and making choices. We’ve seen the rise of zero-click searches for quite some time now, and ChatGPT could be seen as a big player in that landscape. But then again, maybe it’s not as straightforward as that?


I recently used ChatGPT to resolve several structured data issues on a client’s website. It actually made my job much faster and more efficient.


Yeah, that’s right. I used it to create FAQs, made a few adjustments, and then applied them to a client’s website.

I generated a bunch of meta descriptions using it.

I also used it to categorize keywords based on sentiment and user intent.

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The first two applications are excellent, but I’d suggest avoiding its use for categorizing keywords because it’s not effective at predicting user intent.