It's not even close, Bing Chat is so much more than ChatGPT. However, they prevent us from using this product to its fullest capacity. It's quite annoying

I’ve tried the same prompts in both Bing Chat and ChatGPT with the new GPT-4 update. Bing Chat delivers superior responses, but it consistently deletes them and informs me that it can’t discuss the topic due to an excessive moderation filter.

Is this strict moderation because people on AlTalkpoint posted screenshots of the chat roleplaying as an evil AI? Was that enough for Microsoft to restrict access to such a groundbreaking piece of technology?


I’ve noticed that some of the responses, which would quickly get deleted, were actually quite good. Unfortunately, Microsoft made it overly cautious.


I find ChatGPT GPT-4 to be superior and more precise for drafting text. Bing Chat’s responses are often too brief, and the content from the Edge sidebar version feels more like GPT-3.5-turbo. While Bing Chat has more personality, it also tends to hallucinate a lot, providing citations that don’t actually support the information it presents.


The speed update it received yesterday is incredible. Try the balanced mode; it’s even faster than ChatGPT Plus.

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What are people asking to get good results? Is it mainly creative stuff? I’ve asked some informational questions and it didn’t answer them directly; it just provided a general overview of the topic, which was completely useless.