Is there an AI that can do this?

Hello everyone. I am looking for AIs to help with some of my workflows:

  • Note Suggestion: Based on my music notation and theory, suggest the next note and other music-related tasks, especially for singing, with diffusion possibilities.
  • Video Generation: Not frame by frame, but something like Sora for text to video, image to video, video to video, and converting real to anime.
  • Music Mastering and Audio Enhancement: Automatic music mastering (like Amuse) and speech enhancement (like Adobe Podcast).
  • Text-to-Speech (TTS): I know about Coqui, but I need something faster.

If you have any recommendations, please share!

Melody Magic helps with music theory like a pocket tutor. Video Wiz does cool text-to-video stuff, like a beefed-up Sora. Master Blaster is like an auto-mastering engineer, similar to Amuse but faster. And for super-speedy text-to-speech, check out Turbo Talker – way quicker than Coqui,

I observe a lot of trade-offs associated with each AI, including cost, context window, and computation. I’ll attempt to provide my personal opinion in a clear and concise manner.
AIs That Translate Text to Image:
DALL-E 3 is a great game art and non-photorealistic art tool. It’s also very efficient with time, plus it comes with a ChatGPT membership that includes access to the GPT Store and GPT-4, which is the only AI I currently pay for.)
Stable Diffusion: This incredibly versatile AI can nearly totally alter an image, however there are ethical issues because it may be used to create graphic content, which isn’t really a need for me to elaborate.