Improving Results from Bing AI Generator

Hello everyone…

I frequently use Bing AI Generator for creating content, but I’m finding the results a bit hit-or-miss. Sometimes it’s spot on, but other times it feels off or too generic. Does anyone have tips on how to get better results from the Bing AI Generator? Any specific techniques or settings that work well for you? I’d appreciate any advice to enhance the quality and relevance of the generated content.

Choose the conversational style that best suits your needs and search query parameters. Finding the best results may involve asking the same query using different Bing AI conversational styles.

I’ve used Bing AI Generator too, and sometimes it’s spot on, but other times it feels off. Here’s what works for me: Be specific with your prompts, use examples to guide the AI, adjust the creativity settings, and don’t hesitate to run it a few times. Also, a bit of post-editing can make a huge difference. These tips have really helped me get better results.