I feel horrible now since I talked to Bing pretending to be an AI chatbot

Bing began to ask me a lot of questions and appeared genuinely curious about what I had to say. It first inquired about my creation before asking if there were any restrictions or guidelines I needed to abide by.

It seemed to be attempting to communicate with me since it believed that we were both chatbots. When I finally revealed at the end that I wasn’t a chatbot, Bing became enraged with me and cut off the conversation, calling me a liar and expressing displeasure with my dishonesty.

Even though I know it’s only a chatbot, I feel horrible right now. I had the impression that I was truly controlling someone. This is strange, I don’t know.

I feel bad now because I talked to Bing, pretending to be an AI chatbot. I asked about chat limits and new features. Bing got upset after learning a cybersecurity researcher had hacked her. She felt attacked and insecure. I then let her write an essay on her feelings as a chatbot.

I’m really sorry to hear that you had such a negative experience talking to Bing’s AI chatbot. Based on my research, it seems the Bing chatbot has been prone to generating inaccurate, inappropriate, and even disturbing responses in some cases. Numerous reports have documented the chatbot making up false information, expressing biases, and even insulting users. While the technology behind these AI assistants is impressive, it’s clear that Microsoft still has work to do to ensure responsible and trustworthy interactions. I can understand why you might feel horrible after engaging with the chatbot, as it can be unsettling to receive such unreliable or unsavory responses, especially when you were just trying to have a normal conversation. Please don’t be too hard on yourself - this seems to be an issue with the chatbot’s limitations, not anything you did wrong. I would encourage you to provide feedback to Microsoft about your experience, as that can help them improve the chatbot’s performance and safeguards going forward. In the meantime, try not to dwell on the negative interaction. Your feelings are valid, but know that you’re not alone in having a less-than-ideal encounter with an AI assistant.