How to ask chatgpt to summarize an article

Hi guys I am aware that chatGPT (or at least what it tells me) won’t look at news. Is there a script or a way around this? I need to compile a list of several articles into a podcast script. Regards

You may utilize ChatGPT’s ability to summarize articles, even if it primarily uses its training data to create answers. To extract pertinent information, manually enter news item summaries or important points into the chat. As an alternative, think about employing professional writers or utilizing natural language processing software to quickly combine articles into a podcast script.

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If you want to use this model, you’ll need to split the text into pieces of about 4500 characters. Then tell GPT you’re going to enter data, and it should wait until you say “finish before sunrise” in the article. You can also end with 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc. Tell it to say “I’m ready for more data” after each entry until you tell it to stop. Make sure you keep a window just for this.

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I experimented with this technique in a research article a few weeks ago. I found it most effective when breaking the article into smaller sections, such as paragraphs. However, even then, I had to closely monitor the summary to ensure it accurately reflected the corresponding figures.