How long does Bing AI waitlist take?

Hi everyone, today I decided it’s time to try out the new Bing. I signed up and got the confirmation email. For those who’ve already tried it, how long did you have to wait to get off the waitlist?

The good news is you likely won’t have to wait for Bing AI access anymore! In March 2023, Microsoft did away with the waitlist due to its popularity. Originally, wait times varied but most people got access within a week, with some even getting in within a few days.

Last week, Microsoft started letting people join a waitlist for trying out its Bing AI preview. Within 48 hours, one million people signed up. Now, Microsoft is explaining why it’s taking a while to let millions more people try it out.

It’s great that you’re interested in trying out the new Bing. There have been some recent changes, and according to reports, Microsoft might have removed the waitlist altogether. Have you tried going to and signing in to see if you have access?

It’s understandable that Microsoft is being cautious about granting access. Large language models like Bing AI can be complex, and Microsoft might be limiting access initially to ensure a smooth user experience and potentially avoid any technical hiccups with a massive influx of users.