How do you use chatgpt api python?

I’m new to using APIs and I’m trying to integrate the ChatGPT API into a Python project I’m working on. Can anyone provide a step-by-step guide or some basic instructions on how to get started with the ChatGPT API in Python? Any examples or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks…


Using ChatGPT (powered by GPT-3) in your Python project is quite simple. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started:

First, you need an API key, which is like a special code that lets you communicate with ChatGPT. You can get this key for free by signing up on the OpenAI website.

Next, you’ll need a helper tool called openai to interact with ChatGPT. You can install it using pip, a package manager that usually comes with Python, by running the following command in your command prompt:

pip install openai

Once installed, you need to tell this helper tool your API key. In your Python code, import openai and set your API key like this:

import openai

your_api_key = "YOUR_SECRET_API_KEY"  # Replace with your actual key
openai.api_key = your_api_key

Now, think of what you want ChatGPT to do—whether it’s answering a question, continuing a story, or something else. Write your prompt accordingly.

To send your prompt and receive a response, use the openai helper tool. Here’s an example:

question = "Write a short story about a dog who goes on an adventure."

answer = openai.Completion.create(
    engine="text-davinci-003",  # You can try different engines
    max_tokens=50,  # Adjust this to control the response length


Keep in mind that you can adjust settings in the openai.Completion.create function to change how ChatGPT responds. Check the OpenAI website for more details on various features and options. Also, be mindful of the usage limits on your API key based on your plan.

And that’s it! You’re ready to use ChatGPT’s creative abilities in your Python project.


Use guidelines found in Python 3’s official documentation.

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There is not a distinct API available for ChatGPT. You can access multiple models, such as the ChatGPT-like GPT-3.5-turbo, through OpenAI’s API, which offers the features you require.