How can I view my Bing AI chat history?

What methods are available for accessing one’s Bing AI chat history?

There are no other methods available to view your Bing chat history rather than using BingChat itself.
Before I give you the steps, note that Bing does not save your exact AI chat queries. However, it keeps the keywords of your most recent chats.
To access your history:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC and sign in to your Microsoft account.
    Enter Bing in the search bar.
  • Navigate to the Bing AI Chat.
  • View your recent Bing search results under Recent Activity.
  • To access your full chat history, click the hamburger menu to the right and select Search History

If you want to delete a specific Bing Chat keyword or keyphrase, you can do so from your Microsoft Bing Search history page by hovering over the keyword or keyphrase and clicking on the trash can icon.
If you wish to clear your entire Bing Search history, you can select the checkbox across the Activity to mark your recent search results and then click on the Clear button