How can I import a CSV into ChatGPT without using plugins?

Hey guys, serious replies only, what’s the best way to import a CSV into ChatGPT without using plugins? I want it to analyze and summarize some raw data in a table. It works fine with 2-3 columns but gets confused with more. I know I could do it column by column, but that’s pretty time-consuming. Any suggestions?


Using JSON format might be more effective. Have you tried asking, ‘Look at this CSV data, what do you see?’ and then pasting your data? This approach might help identify why it has issues.

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That method is fine for small amounts of data, but there isn’t a standard way to get ChatGPT to handle medium-to-large quantities of external data.

Someone suggested uploading the data to a pastebin and then directing ChatGPT to it. While this shouldn’t work, some people claim it does and that ChatGPT is not being truthful about its internet access limitations.