Has copilot stopped creating images?

Been struggling to create images with copilot to no success for the past 24hours. What could be the reason, have they stopped creating images or do I need to upgrade?

nope: word of advice is there,are, certain users who have encountered problems with the Image Creator tool, such as its failure to function properly or producing outcomes that were not anticipated.

Yes, Copilot AI Image Creator has stopped creating images. It gets trapped and says "Your image is taking a while to generate.

Recently, I faced a similar issue with Copilot, struggling for hours to generate images without success. Initially, I thought it might be a technical glitch or a temporary server problem. However, after some research and contacting their support, I learned that Copilot had indeed stopped offering image generation services and shifted focus to other AI capabilities.

It turns out I didn’t need to upgrade; instead, I had to look for alternative platforms for image creation. If you’re facing the same problem, it’s likely because Copilot no longer supports this feature rather than an issue with your account or subscription.