Coding Capabilities: Can Bing AI Write Code?

I’m curious about the programming abilities of Bing AI. Can Bing AI write code, and if so, what programming languages and types of projects is it capable of handling?

Yes, Bing AI, also known as Copilot, can assist you with writing code. It won’t necessarily write entire programs from scratch, but it can be a helpful companion for developers in a few ways

While templates and tutorials are available to assist with simple programming tasks, Bing AI is not skilled in complicated coding. It works with straightforward Python and JavaScript applications.

I’ve been in similar situations where I’ve provided clear output from their code, only to be told, ‘tHiS iSn’T my cOde.’ It can be really frustrating.

Bing AI Chat can generate code in various programming languages that many of us use, such as Python, Java, C++, C#, and JavaScript.