ChatGPT 4 painfully slow the last few days

For the past few days, ChatGPT 4 has been incredibly slow, no matter which network I use. It seems like it takes a moment or so to create each character. This eventually always ends with a network fault before ceasing to generate.

However, when I go to 3.5, it runs incredibly quickly. What am I currently paying for? They must simply be at a standstill with Chat 4—dedicated servers, perhaps?

Is there anyone else experiencing this problem?

When ChatGPT-4 performs slowly and unreliably, it is quite annoying, especially in light of ChatGPT-3.5’s superior speed. Technical problems or server overload may be the cause of this. Several users may have related issues. Making contact with support might be beneficial since they could provide answers or insights.

hi molly,If you’re encountering sluggishness, consider visiting the OpenAI status page to check for any known issues.