Can You Really Use Bing AI To Draw?

Hi y’all,

I’m curious about the capabilities of Bing AI when it comes to artistic tasks. Can Bing AI actually draw or create artwork? I’ve heard about AI-generated art, but I’m not sure if Bing specifically has this feature. If so, how does it work, and what kind of results can you expect?

Any insights or examples would be greatly appreciated…Thanks in advance for your help.

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Ok , yes! “Image Creator” Microsoft Designer Image Creator, is an AI picture production tool, was just offered by Bing. It creates graphics using artificial intelligence by using your descriptions as a guide.

I don’t think so. Bing AI itself does not have built-in capabilities for creating artwork or generating drawings.

I doubt. However, Microsoft does leverage other AI technologies for artistic tasks, primarily through tools like DALL-E (by OpenAI) integrated into their products and services.

I’m unaware of such capabilities in Bing AI but you can always try DALL-E. It is an AI model developed by OpenAI specifically for generating images from textual descriptions.