Can Turnitin detect Bing AI?

Hello everyone,
So I heard that TurnItIn’s new AI detector is supposed to be a big deal for finding text made by AI. But I’m not sure if it’s as great as people say. Even the best detectors right now can’t always catch simple tricks like when Quilbot rephrases things. So, I’m wondering if TurnItIn’s new detector is really better than the others. I think it started working this month, but I’m not totally sure.

Yes, Turnitin can detect if your submitted assignment contains generated text. In other words, it can detect text generated by Bing AI

Yes like any other tool it can detect AI GENERATE content

Yes and No.
Turnitin has the ability to detect AI but we all know no system is 100% effective.
Using my own experience as a reference, I recently wrote my thesis using ChatGPT but upon running it through Turnitin to check for plagiarism, It couldn’t detect any.

@Arthur But why do AI-generated content and yet one can do his/her research and come up with clean, AI-free content?