Can SafeAssign Detect Content Generated by ChatGPT?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using ChatGPT for some writing assistance, and it’s been an incredible help. However, I’m a bit concerned about academic integrity. I’ve previously used SafeAssign to check my work for plagiarism, but I’m not sure how it handles content generated by AI.

Does anyone know if SafeAssign can detect or flag content generated by ChatGPT? If so, how accurate is it?

Hey Oliver, I don’t think SafeAssign does detect ChatGPT content, instead, it is a plagiarism checker. Moreover, ChatGPT doesn’t plagiarize content so SafeAssign would have anything to detect. ChatGPT is most useful if you can write well yourself; let it handle most of the work, and then refine it to make it look natural. Professors can’t detect work generated by ChatGPT as long as you edit it well, which is easy if you’re good at writing.
I hope this helps, all the best in your academic work.

I doubt whether SafeAssign can detect content generated by ChatGPT because ChatGPT generates content based on patterns learned from a vast dataset but doesn’t directly copy from specific sources. This means that purely original text generated by ChatGPT might not be flagged by SafeAssign unless it closely resembles existing content.

SafeAssign, Turnitin’s plagiarism detection tool, can detect content generated by ChatGPT, but with some limitations. While SafeAssign scans for similarities between submitted work and content from the internet, databases, and previously submitted papers, it may not always catch AI-generated text. This is because ChatGPT can produce unique, human-like content that doesn’t directly match existing sources. However, SafeAssign can still identify patterns and stylistic elements common in AI-generated writing that differ from a student’s typical style. Educators should be aware of this and use SafeAssign as one tool among others, like evaluating writing samples over time, to assess potential AI use. Ultimately, while SafeAssign provides a helpful starting point, detecting ChatGPT requires a multi-pronged approach by instructors.