Can Packback detect ChatGPT?

Hey there, Is it possible for Packback to detect ChatGPT?


Yes Packback has recently introduced a new feature called A.I. Writing Detection that automatically detects [AI-generated content. This feature can also detect plagiarism, identify profanity, and check the quality of article sources, among other things.

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Packback can detect the use of ChatGPT or similar AI tools through various methods, including text analysis algorithms, similarity checks against known AI-generated content, and human review by moderators and instructors. These mechanisms are designed to identify inconsistencies, patterns, or signs of non-original work, ensuring that contributions are authentic and reflect the student’s personal engagement and understanding. While Packback may not explicitly identify ChatGPT, its focus on originality and quality means that unauthorized AI-generated submissions are likely to be flagged. It’s best to use AI tools responsibly and ensure your work is genuinely your own.

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Packback may now mark content from ChatGPT. It is not ideal, therefore to avoid problems, concentrate on learning subjects and putting your own thoughts in paper. Study, do not imitate!

I agree. For those of us following AI development, we know this claim is dubious. However, if their goal is to reduce ChatGPT usage in academia, they don’t need to actually have the capability. The fear alone can create enough doubt to deter risk-averse students.

I’m not suggesting this approach is ethical or good, but spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is likely a method traditional organizations will use to curb usage. It may be effective to some extent in the short to mid term.