Can I upload a folder of files to the ChatGPT code interpreter?

Hey everyone, I was wondering, is it possible to upload a whole folder of files to the ChatGPT code interpreter? I have a bunch of files that I’d like to process together, and I’m not sure if there’s a way to do that. Has anyone tried this or knows if it’s doable?

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If it’s working for you, simply ZIP the files and upload the ZIP file. Let ChatGPT take care of the rest.

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I was curious about this too, so I asked ChatGPT: ‘How can I add multiple documents or folders into the ChatGPT code interpreter?’

ChatGPT replied:

To include multiple documents or folders in the ChatGPT code interpreter, you’ll need to provide the content of those documents or folders as input to the model. Here’s a general approach you can follow:

  1. Read the content of each document or folder: Use file reading functions or APIs to retrieve the text content from each file or folder you want to include.

  2. Concatenate the content: Combine the text content of all the documents or folders into a single string by appending each file or folder’s content to the existing string.

  3. Provide the concatenated content as input: Pass the combined content as input to the ChatGPT code interpreter. The model will then process the merged text and generate responses based on the information provided.

Please note that the specific implementation may vary based on the programming language and framework you’re using. Make sure you have the necessary file handling capabilities and access to relevant APIs to read and extract content from documents or folders.

:thinking: Now I’m searching for a plugin or API that can automate reading through documents in a folder and concatenating them. Let me know if you come across anything helpful, and I’ll do the same.