Can Chatgpt Analyze Videos?

I’ve been using ChatGPT for a while now, and it’s been an incredible tool for anything text-related. However, I’ve recently been wondering about its capabilities beyond just text. Specifically, I’m curious about whether ChatGPT can analyze videos. For instance, can it recognize objects, scenes, or people in a video? Can it provide summaries of video content, like what happens in different parts or the main events?I’m interested in this because I often work with multimedia content and having an AI that can help with video analysis would be a game-changer. Has anyone here experimented with this, or does anyone have insights into whether ChatGPT can handle video content in any way? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences!

ChatGPT was never able to summarize/watch videos, nor can it visit links for that matter, but it will certainly hallucinate that it can.

Did you ever actually verify that the summaries you got were accurate? I would not trust them, personally, at least in terms of being accurate to the video.

Yes ,The plugin can analyze videos on YouTube and DailyMotion, with the length of those videos being less than 10-minute at best.

Take a look at the personalized GPT “Video Summarizer”—it might work for you. However, it can only handle YouTube videos, so you would need to first upload the video.

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You can use a diagnostic computer to analyze all the raw data, or you might capture many pictures and combine them with other information. By combining these approaches, you might be able to extract some useful information.

I use it to analyze the parameters of my home-built drones, and it performs a better job for me in adjusting the battery, motor, and antenna settings. It’s really promising because there isn’t much training data available for the stuff I’m interested in.