Can Chat GPT edit videos?

Hey there, Can Chat GPT edit videos?

By adding or uploading film, changing the background music, and even creating AI avatars and voiceovers in more than 130 languages, you may customize the screenplay and video to your taste.

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The creator of GPT is either completely misleading or connected to an external service capable of generating videos, which might not be activating properly.

ChatGPT itself cannot generate videos. If a GPT were able to do so, you would typically receive a warning indicating that information would be sent to a third-party service, which would then generate the video.

Edit: Video Maker (the one with the little blue creature in the icon) seems to be authentic. It utilizes DALL-E to produce two images and uses a code interpreter to compile a video transitioning between them. However, there is no direct involvement of a third party.

What I experienced was merely two images fading in and out, one after the other. My dimmer switch can do that. Although the GPT suggested it could add water shimmer effects, it couldn’t even manage a simple fade between the two images. So its capabilities seem to be lacking, at least based on my one experience. I’m leaving my previous snarky comment here regardless:

The intention seems to be to deceive you, much like "Call 555-1212 for a good time.

While ChatGPT by OpenAI doesn’t have video editing capabilities, tools like Synthesia, powered by generative AI, can edit videos independently. Synthesia utilizes AI to create and edit videos featuring AI avatars and voiceovers. Additionally, its integration with ChatGPT enables users to generate complete video scripts from ideas or existing text documents.