Bing AI shuts down conversations way too often

I’ve been using Bing AI and ChatGPT (3–4) on a daily basis for a while now, but I find that Bing is generally smarter and more efficient than ChatGPT. This is because ChatGPT allows me to express myself more freely without worrying about counting words out of fear of starting a bot and ruining a conversation.

For the record, I asked the bot (in “Balanced”) to send an email for me for work five minutes ago (I was too sluggish to use “Compose”), and it refused to do so, ending the discussion on message 2/20. What possible sense can this make?

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It’s really nonsensical. Bing flatly declined to assist me when I asked it to rewrite my cover letter for a job I was applying for. I had one already, so I was only curious whether it might be improved. As if I’m telling, not asking, this AI to assist me. Since there are no such silly restrictions, and for what purpose, I can understand why open source LLM is becoming so popular. I only want my resume to be rewritten; I’m not asking how to create a certain medicine. Is the AI now in control of me, or are I controlling it? Makes no sense, I’ll stop my tirade now.

Bing AI is a joke. It can’t code, and it bans nearly all literature due to heavy censorship.